Terms & Conditions

PCT Online Model Store is GDPR compliant.

The Online  Model Store  commercial rules and shipping condition are clearly defined:
Availability: Out of stock models are automatically removed from the stock list. We do not accept pre-orders.
Return and Defective: Customers must inform our after-sale-service within 7 business days about defective models. After confirmation from our side, we will replace any defective models that need to be returned to us (we assume the transportation charges). Products are all checked before every shipment.
Complaints period: All complaints must be sent to us within one week after receiving your order.
Agreement: The PCT Online Store customer has to accept sales and shipping conditions when purchasing.

VAT taxes and Customs fees

We do not charge any kind of tax and we are not responsible for the taxes customs charge in your country. However, in some countries, Customs may charge you VAT tax and may also charge you a Customs fee. At customs usually the calculations are as follows: product value x 23% VAT + Customs fee. For example:  $100x23 %+$10 (customs fee)=$23+$10=$33.00.

In case you want to know more information about VAT taxes and import duties when you order from non-European Union country, or sales tax and other duties when you purchase online in US.